Find Your Fate™ Mystery #1

The Three Investigators in

The Case of the Weeping Coffin

By Megan Stine and H. William Stine

Based on characters created by Robert Arthur

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Get for a wild time with THE THREE INVESTIGATORS

You’re on vacation in Rocky Beach, California. There isn’t much to see there besides the creepy old Markels Mansion with its bizarre weeping Coffin. And there isn’t much to do, either, until a phony robbery is reported at the mansion – and you decide to find out why.

You seek out the most famous residents of Rocky Beach, the proud young detective team called the Three Investigators. That's when your troubles really start!
Can you convince Jupe, Pete, and Bob to see things your way? Can you pick the moves that will solve the mystery?

Make the right choices and you will end up heroes. Make the wrong choices - and the Investigator's career will come to an early end!
The wildest vacation of your life is about to begin.

Enjoy it!